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Alright, so the art was kind of poor. I saw you put good effort into it and all, but I won't deny the quality. However, this was fucking hilarious. It was genius to put in that tribal song. I doubt anyone will know what that song was from... only the strong. =P

Nyah nyah nyaaaah!


Just stfu. There are already about 95 reviews badmouthing so you [as in reviewers] don't need to keep posting your garbage. I, however, enjoy noise makers and irritating visuals that make my head esplode. Good job. Whether or not this deserves the front page IS decided by its reviewers, but they all seem pretty angry and religious to me... keep up the bad work.


I'm feeling lucky.

Lol, this was funny.

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Two words...


Great game!

It's pretty addicting. The only really annoying thing is that I keep clicking close on the game itself rather than just the info window. Anyhow, fun game! Good work!

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Haha, excellent start! Was so full of energy, it just pulled me right in! I don't like the "spray" sound of the cymbal you used. I think it's either too loud or just kind of at an annoying pitch. Try adjusting it a tad. There wasn't much to the transitions you put down. I honestly can't say I've listened to every single one of the songs involved in the medley, but I trust your ear at least somewhat. Now, this is a problem... your drums were just constant. Because they were unchanging, it got monotonous. The effects are pretty awesome, and the instruments you used are great. The 2:50 mark really did it for me. Then the part at about 3:45 was really singing out. Loved the portameno (the legato sliding) effect on whatever that instrument was. Anyhow, overall, I think this mix is pretty grand. I got down to it. Would listen again, but wouldn't be a favorite. Could be much better, in my opinion. You probably outdid yourself on this one, but I still dare you to do much, much better. Still, nice going!


Warn the ears of your listeners next time. Haha. That guitar is quite shrill, and annoyingly so, since I know it is just emulated. Maybe put a limiter on any frequencies above 15000, more or less. The drums are kind of dull and left unappreciated. The guitar just stays relatively the same all the way throughout the intro. Man, definitely need better drums, though. Start EQing your instruments a little more. The piano was alright. I wasn't impressed with it. I'm intrinsically unimpressed with the tune overall. It's just not much of a battle, in my opinion. They're more-so complementing each other in a way. Though, actually, toward the end, that's when I'm imagining more of a battle. I can see the dance going on, and that's pretty cool. So, overall, I'm not very satisfied listening through it, and I think it needs more work. Pay attention to the notes you're putting down, and pay attention to the production quality of your music. Remember, treat it like art, not just like some goal you're trying to get out of the way. Make this more of a journey!


lantaren responds:

I was trying to replicate goukisan's guitar Vs. Piano 1.2 as closely as possible, including the shrill guitar, and drum samples. I know it's not the best rendition ever, but I consider it to be a fairly good representation of how the song goes (being that every part is 1:1 with the original, including length) Yeah, I just honestly did not expect to be criticized so heavily on the composition part of this (being that I did 0 of that-it is 100% the original song, I changed nothing)

Alright, I like what you did here. Not my taste, but it's good music. The only thing about it is that it sounds so hollow. I'm thinking you should boost the bass of the hums a little bit. This would go great with some actual singing vocals, and then perhaps you'd have some light drums kick in around the 2:25 mark with a giant chorus that lasts for a long time. Leave that ending effect for after that chorus, and you have yourself a more complete song. Just thoughts. I like it, keep it up.


HypnoSophistication responds:

The bass-thing is probably a good idea. But even as a drummer, I'm keeping this drum-clean.
Thanks for the feedback!


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